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Applying for an Instruction Permit/Learners Permit

Graduated Driver Licensing  

In the year 2000 Wisconsin enacted the GDL. This is a 3 step process to take a
young driver from no license to a full privilege Regular license.  


The Steps are as follows:  


Instruction Permit (Learners Permit)  

To get a permit they must;
1. Be enrolled in driver's education.
2. They must be 15 and one half (can begin class earlier, but must be 15 years 6 Months  before they are eligible to obtain Learners Permit.
3. They must pass the written test  

- We offer the written test at our school. Students are also welcome to take the test at the DMV instead. You will have to go to the  
DMV in either case as they issue the permit.

4. They must present documents at MVD when obtaining Learners Permit;  

1. MV3001 Green form Signed and Dated, with a date that is less than   60 days old, by their driving school. This certifies that they will begin behind the wheel lessons within 60 days.
2. A government issued original birth certificate or Passport, or Wisconsin State ID.
3. Social Security Card - if you don't have the card bring the number and
another form of ID such as the student's school ID.
4. The student's parent or legal guardian must sign their green form at the DMV with the student.  


To get a probationary license (where they may drive alone) they must;
1. Complete driver education.
A. Complete 30 hours of classroom
- if they miss a day they must make up the session in a future class or other make up method. The instructor will work with the STUDENT to get them their make up requirement. Missing a day does NOT affect the student's ability to get there permit, just they must complete their class make up prior to taking their road test.
B. Complete 6 hours of driving and 6 hours observing.
- Each lesson is 2 hours long, they drive 1 hour and then observe another student drive the second hour.
2. Have their Learners Permit for 6 months OR MORE.
- During the six months or more they must accumulate at least 30 hours of driving experience (10 hours must be at night). This they do with their parents. When they drive with their parents their immediate family members can be in the car, NO ONE else. (They will get 11 hours of BTW credit with the Driving School, leaving 19 more with parents)

3. Pass the road test  
- They will present their State Certificate of Completion from 5 Star.
They will receive their completion certificate AFTER their LAST BTW.

4. Have their parent or legal guardian sign stating that they are in school and have completed at least 30 hours of driving 10 of which was at night.

What You Take To The DMV When You Go To Get Your Instruction Permit  

1. Temps application (MV3001) green form signed AND dated by a 5 Star
instructor. - This will be signed after students turn 15 and one half.
2. Birth Certificate or Passport or official Wisconsin State ID
3. Social Security Card
4. Parent
5. $35


Behind The Wheel Lessons
-Soon after the student obtains their instruction permit they will begin the behind the wheel lessons. There are six lessons two hours long each. They drive one hour and observe another student the second hour.
-Most students do their lessons about 3 or 4 weeks apart. However, it is up to  
students to schedule their appointments. Students need to make sure that they complete their BTW's in time for them to get their license.
- You will get more info about BTW's while students are in class.  
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