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Thank you for your interest in L&B Driving School.

At L&B Driving School, our mission is to make roadways safer by putting responsible, well informed, and relaxed drivers out on the road.   We believe that the best way to accomplish this is by providing a thorough grounding in all the basics, in an environment that is relaxed yet challenging.


L&B Driving School takes great pride in its patient and understanding instructors, as well as our state of the art Power Point presentation used in our classroom sessions.   Our instructors are very proud to be dedicated to the youth and the safety of their future.   They are caring, polite, and well educated people with good moral characters and great attitudes.
We are all here for you not only to help you pass your Road Test, but first and foremost, to make you a confident and defensive driver - "Making our Roadways Safer."

Our Program Consists Of:

30 Hours of Traditional Classroom Instruction

6 Hours of Behind the Wheel Instruction

6 Hours of Student Observation
We offer the Temporary Instruction Permit Test for students under 18 years of age!

We Offer:

Competitive Pricing

Convenient  Pick Up and Drop off for BTW Lessons 

Courteous & Patient Certified Instructors


Gift Certificates Available
Ask about using one of our vehicles for your Road Test

Phone 262-639-3007


3749 Douglas Avenue , Racine, WI  

Failure to Yield Course   New

Failure to Yield CourseAs of August 1, 2012 anyone who is convicted of violating Wisconsin Statute 346.18 and receives a Failure to Yield ticket must take an  approved DOT Failure to Yield Course.  The purpose of the course is to acquaint the driver with vehicle right-of-way rules and procedures under various circumstances .  The course must be completed within a year.  There is no written test.

This is a 2 hour course for drivers of any age.  A Certificate is given at the end of the course (for Div. of Motor Vehicles) to show that the course has been completed.  Learn More Here...

Online Classroom Option: 

ONLINE CLASSROOM! -   In cooperation with KC's Driving School you can now take your 30 hour driver education Online with KC's and complete your behind the wheel training here at L&B! Visit: KCs Driving School  to complete your 30 hours of classroom online, at home, at your own pace.

When you are completed with the Online Class give us a call to begin your Behind The Wheel Training.

"This School is Licensed by the State of Wisconsin"
L&B Driving School